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Net Leased Development Fund

NLI-Development Fund has been created to provide much more than just capital-it is designed to provide Developers a solution to streamline the financial burden and uncertainty that is associated with development.

Simply, once you have a signed Lease and permits, we will buy the land and put up 100% of the equity for construction, as well as reimburse you for any 3rd party costs, deposits, etc.  Upon completion, we pay the difference between the construction costs and our agreed to price, so basically, as long as the deal gets built and the lease commences, the deal is done. There is no liability for you other than completing the project. You will save on costs such as appraisals, loan costs, brokerage fees and have peace of mind knowing the exact price/profit you will get for your development upon completion, this savings is hard to quantify in this every changing interest rate environment.

Our customizable program allows the developer to utilize NLI-Development Fund as little or as much as you would like. We have a development manager on staff and can optimize the strength of our Partnership to assist you in bidding projects to get better pricing and timelines. Technology-wise, we have all of the major tenant locations mapped out throughout the Country, so if your Tenant wants to be near a certain retailer, you will have the information at your fingertips. We effectively free you to concentrate your efforts to get more deals by becoming the back office to developers.  Our approach eliminates the headaches of committee approvals, bureaucratic hurdles and inflexible guidelines thus enabling us to be a lot more creative than other companies.

Most importantly, our goal is to create long term mutually beneficial relationships with a number of Developers. We feel with our knowledge of the market, superior support and low overhead, we can provide you with the best option for Development Capital.


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