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NLI-Income Fund

NLI-Income Fund was developed as an investment arm for individuals and institutions interested in the benefits of real estate as an asset allocation, but unable to spend the time and effort required to acquire commercial property directly.

Our relationships with investment grade tenants, developers, and corporate advisors allow us to quickly uncover off-market opportunities. We firmly believe that the combination of our expertise in commercial real estate development and capital markets, internal asset management, and our historical track record differentiate our platform and enable us to optimize returns for our commercial real estate investors. In the past, direct investment in real estate has shut out investors who either do not meet qualified investor status or cannot make the large minimum investments required. These restrictions have traditionally left investors with few options for investing in real estate. Public REITS are subject to stock market volatility and Private REITS are often subject to inordinate fees for small investors. NLI-Income Fund seeks to make private investment available to those investors at a lower minimum investment threshold than the open market.

NLI-Income Fund targets the acquisition of undervalued and operationally significant assets leased to (or guaranteed by) investment grade tenants and other high credit quality tenants on a long-term basis. The Income Funds goal is a lasting relationship of trust, confidence and mutual admiration and our model was built specifically to give us the ability to be truly transparent with clients throughout the life of a real estate investment. Our hands-on approach gives us the opportunity to maintain control over quality and costs.

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